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David Khoo, Senior AI Research Engineer in AIR Center

Automated Inspection for Automobile Manufacturing

At Hyundai Motor Group Innovation Center in Singapore, we will strive to deliver the highest quality electric vehicle at all times and at every stage of the production process. This requires careful visual quality checks to ensure that parts are not missing or misplaced, free from defects and are assembled correctly.

The visual checks are conducted by highly trained production engineers and our developed automated systems provide assistance to them by highlighting problems detected via the camera images during production.

The Right Camera in the Right Place

To effectively inspect the automobile during production, we employ cameras mounted around the production cells and on mobile robots. These cameras allow us to take images of automobiles aptly and help us record every part of the automobile what might be hard to be seen by inspectors.

The cameras also ensure everyone is working under safe conditions around the robots.

Artificial Intelligence for Anomaly Detection

We use artificial intelligence to distinguish between normal and anomalous images.

By using cutting-edge deep learning technologies to build a model that learns what the norm should be by sampling from a large repository of identified normal images. During the inspection, the trained model highlights unexpected areas of images that detects anomalies from what it has learnt.

Through the use of state-of-the-art techniques, the model is able to analyse the image holistically and any anomalous areas are highlighted to the operators for their attention and resolution.

Benefits from Automated Inspection

Automated inspection powered by AI reduces the tedious workload on our engineers. Further to that, it helped them work more efficiently and accurately.

The outcome resulted in better and safer vehicles for all of us. In the future, our vision is to enable automated production in "dark factories", which is controlled remotely by AI through virtual reality, which is called 'meta-factory'.

Through this effort, we lower the risk to our human operators and improve their safety. Our work brings us closer to this vision.

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