Hyundai Motor Group Innovation Center in Singapore (HMGICS) will open the era of human-centred mobility solutions, seeking progress for humanity through future mobility innovations.

HMGICS will act as an open innovation hub for Hyundai Motor Group's research and development in mobility concepts, including autonomous vehicles and new forms of mobility products and services.

HMGICS will develop innovative & intelligent manufacturing platform for future mobility, which will fulfil the human-centered innovative products & services, by employing various advanced technologies, including AI, IoT, Metaverse, Robotics.

When realised, HMGICS’ new platform will help make it safer & efficient and will greatly provide eco & worker friendly environments, being a new example of a customer mobility value and experience.

For instance, customers will be able to purchase and customize their vehicles on their phones. Customers can watch their car being assembled at the center. The Sky Track for s test-drive will sit at top of the seven-story center.

HMGICS will bring to the paradigm shift of future mobility through its prominent innovations and serve better future mobility lifestyle here in Singapore.

Customer-focused Innovation

  • Responding to the diverse needs of customers in a timely manner:  Customers can enjoy tailored products and services of mobility to maximize their satisfaction and happiness with enriching their lives.
  • Securing high flexibility and automation based on cell-based flexible production system (P-Flex: Pull-Flexibility) and a robot-based autonomous logistic system (HALO: Hyundai-Autonomous Logistic Operation).

Human-Centric Innovation

  • Providing Safe & Human-friendly work environment: Workers challenge creative problems and realise their self in a work environment that can be immersed through highly advanced work infrastructure using IoT, Machine Learning, Robotics.
  • Implementating future work environment based on worker health care work environment (H-Care) and smart work management system (S-Tutor).

Resource Circulation Innovation

  • Realising eco-friendly mobility & production: The use of clean and resource-circulating eco-friendly energy protect our environment The sustainable future mobility society is realised through the resource circulation technology.
  • Enhancing battery performance with research to recycle waste batteries effectively and expanding the use of CO2-free energy, from solar power to hydrogen-power generation.

Resource Circulation Innovation

Data-governed Innovation

  • Maximizing operational efficiency by using data: It seamlessly interconnects with cyber simulation data and a real physical manufacturing, managing quality, facility maintenance, production operation, etc.
  • Making interconnection between Digital Twin and Real Physical Factory to achieve operational efficiency maximization through various IT solutions (AI, Big data).

Resource Circulation Innovation

Open Innovation

 Working and growing together with various stakeholders, including Singaporean government agencies, research institutes, and business partners to serve better future mobility lifestyle to Singapore.

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