Corporate Philosophy & Vision


Unlimited Sense of Responsibility

An unlimited sense of responsibility for our customers’ safety and happiness is manifested in quality management, and extends to the ideal of creating greater value for society at large.

Realization of Possibilities

Not complacent about our achievements, we constantly pursue new goals. The risk of failure is no deterrent as we seek new challenges on the way to creating a brighter future.

Respect for Mankind

We seek to create value for mankind with better products and services delivered more quickly to more people as a way to enrich their lives.


Progress for Humanity

We are here to do the right thing for humanity.
Humanity unites us and makes us stronger. Humanity accelerates progress by creating innovative solutions to solve global problems. 

By believing in the value of humanity, it allows us to strengthen our relationships, feel connected, and get more from life.

About Us

Hyundai Motor Group
Innovation Center in Singapore

As a Group’s Global Open Innovation Hub for Future Mobility Solutions
Serve Innovative Customised Value and Experience to Singapore

Vehicles are evolving into the hubs that connect different members of an integrated mobility ecosystem. In addition, there is steady growth in social demands for clean mobility, including electric vehicles.

In response, under the group vision, HMGICS, as group’s global open innovation hub, is established to strive human-centered value chain innovation with advanced digital transformation and open collaborations for a mobility paradigm shift by researching and developing future mobility concepts caring environments and value of work as well as the entire customer journey.

To accelerate towards this goal and attain success, 4 affiliated companies, namely Hyundai Motor Company, Kia Corporation, Hyundai Mobis and Hyundai AutoEver, who are part of Hyundai Motor Group, render their utmost support to HMGICS.

HMGICS houses a vibrant ecosystem of researchers, technology, and training providers and factories of the future. The center will explore business ideas and technologies to revolutionize a value chain encompassing R&D, business such as test drive, and production for future mobility solutions for the Industrial 4.0 Revolution.

With this, HMGICS will provide innovative customised value and experiences of future mobility solutions to people and communities in Singapore with the aim of enriching their lives.

Our Vision

Innovation for Future Mobility

HMGICS aims to push forward to grow in the future by providing human-centred future mobility paradigm as a game changer

Our Mission

Advance Future Mobility Value Chain Innovation Platform

Develop the cutting-edge smart manufacturing innovation platform through Industry 4.0 technologies such as AI, ICT, Big Data, and Robotics

Serve Customer-Centred Value & Experience

Provide multiple innovative products & services for better mobility lifestyle in customer & eco-friendly way

Establish Open Innovation Ecosystem

Grow together with customer and society through open innovation in strong collaboration with government
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