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Aim to push forward to grow in the future through human-centred future mobility paradigm shift

Innovations for Humanity

Seek the progress for the humanity through various advanced innovations with new values & experiences


Open a new chapter in the era of electric vehicle in Singapore for better future mobility lifestyle

Dare to Dream, Dare to Drive Forward

Steer change and pave the way for a human-centered future mobility innovations and greater tomorrow


Nature in Charge | IONIQ 5 in Iceland

How the Future Plant Could Forecast and Solve Physical Problems with its Digital Twin

AI Research Center – Artificial Intelligence for better quality

At Hyundai Motor Group Innovation Center in Singapore, we will strive to deliver the highest quality electric vehicle at all times and at every stage of the production process. This requires careful visual quality checks to ensure that parts are not missing or misplaced, free from defects and are assembled correctly.

The visual checks are conducted by highly trained production engineers and our developed automated systems provide assistance to them by highlighting problems detected via the camera images during production.

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Journey of Design

HMGICS is the Hyundai Motor Group's first SMART FACTORY where develop, build and demonstrate the smart future mobility value chain and new businesses to realise the group's future mobility vision.

It is an important global innovation hub to shape the future that Hyundai Motor Group should strive for. In order to realise this background and vision, HMGICS design began with the design philosophy of:

"ONE-STOP SMART FACTORY, a new paradigm that works with customers and communities from production to delivery."

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